Mishawaka Implant Supported Dentures

Do your dentures slide around?

Maybe you have trouble tasting food like you used to…

Or you worry about your dentures falling out around other people…

Implant Supported Dentures may be the solution!

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Each persons situation is unique. Some patients come in with existing dentures, some still have their teeth that need to be removed first. We will custom tailor a plan that fits your situation. Some examples below for reference:

Implants starting at $2500

Retrofitting existing denture $6500 (implants included)

Meet Dr. Hewlett

Dr. Mike Hewlett completed dental school at Roseman University. Graduation brought him and his wife Chelsey to Mishawaka where Dr. Hewlett has worked as a local dentist helping the underserved community working in a Public Health Clinic in Southwest Michigan while also leading as dental director. They welcomed their first daughter Ava during dental school, followed by their son Brooks, Blake and an always smiling son Cash. When not chasing their kids, the Hewletts enjoy traveling, eating, tennis, golf, bike rides, jogging and participating in neighborhood and church activities. Patients often remark how understood and heard they feel when discussing their dental concerns in the office. Dr. Hewlett would love the chance to help you understand and improve your oral health.

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Meet Dr. Zaremba

Dr. Andrew Zaremba grew up in a small community in Idaho. He spent much of his childhood running, snowboarding, and being involved with the Boy Scouts organization. Dr. Zaremba has always enjoyed being involved within his community and giving back to his community. He became an eagle scout at age 16 and after high school left for a 2 year service mission to Alaska with his church. When he returned, Dr. Zaremba became a scout leader and helped establish a non-profit organization called Zaremba Corp. which provided group therapy sessions for autistic children. It was during his college years at Idaho State University where Dr. Zaremba met his beautiful wife Anna. Anna was studying to become a medical lab tech while working in the military. Dr. Zaremba was smitten by her charm, and they were married shortly thereafter.

The Zaremba’s attended dental school at Midwestern University in the western suburbs of Chicago where he received a 4 year National Health Service Corps Scholarship. On graduation, Dr. Zaremba settled in Granger, Indiana and has spent the last several years working in Michigan. It has been a dream of Dr. Zaremba’s to open his own dental practice in his community and spend more time at home with his wife and 5 children. Dr. Zaremba is known for being a caring dentist who strives his best to deliver the highest standard of care for all of his patients.

Contact us by calling us at 574-621-3553 or click the button below to schedule an appointment!